Surface area: 873.3 km²

  • Callander
  • North Bay
  • West Nipissing (Sturgeon, Verner, Lavigne)
  • French River (Noёlville and St. Charles)
  • Parry Sound Unorganized
  • Nipissing

Length: 65 km
Type: Mesotrophic
Depth: 171 ft
Average depth: 15 ft
Primary Inflow: Sturgeon River, South River, Rivière Veuve
Primary Outflow: French River
Fishing: Over 40 species of fish
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Lake Nipissng Real Estate

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North Bay
Premier Rd. – Birch St. – Hollywood St.  – Lakeshore Dr. – Rheaume St. – Bindon St. – Birchs St. – Thompson Ave. – Mowat Crescent – Sunset Blvd. – Bay St. – Nichols St. – Banner Ave. – Oscar St. – Mathew St. – William St. – Preston St. – Marshall Ave. W – Doucet Ave. – Wilton Ave. – Clifford Ave. – Wingston Dr. – Howard Ave. – McMurray Ave. – Parsons Ave. – Glen Ave. – Charland Dr. – Howse St. – Martin St. – Dreany St. – Bailey St. – Gertrude St. W – Campbell Ave. – Ethel St. – MacDonald Ave. W – Charles St. W – Fodor St. – Shore Acres Blvd. – Judge Ave. – Leask Ave. – Colgan Ave. – Queen St. – James St. – Memorial Dr. – Timmins St. – Gorman St. – Mattawa St. – Lakw St. – Henry St.

Osprey Crescent. – Marine Dr. – Main St. – First St. – Landsdown St.- Cedar Point Rd.- Green Rd. – Steven Pl. – Greenwood Rd. – Wasi Falls Rd. – Pebble Beach Dr. – Wistawasing Ln. – Pinecreek Crescent. – Lighthouse Rd. – Bayview Rd. – Camp Rd. – Bayview Camp Rd. – Johnson Rd. – Cresthampthon Ln. – Tawa Kwa Rd. – Ninovan Rd. – Tillicum Bay Rd. – Sunrise Bay Dr. – Waltonian Dr. – Long Point Dr. – Pine Dr. – Westview Dr. – Greeming Bay Rd. – Shady Ln. – Clairs Ln. – Kervins Bay Rd. – William Rd. – Lillian Crt. – Hinchburger Bay Rd. – Rocky Shore Dr. – Stormy Point Rd. – Pike Bay Rd. – Sunset Cove Rd. – Sandy Bay Rd.

West Nipissing

Cockburn Rd. – Maurice Rd. – Stevens Rd. – Du Lac Dr. – Pierre Rd. – Marleau Rd. – Glenrock Rd. – Malette Rd. – Lac Des Deux Milles Rd. – Fort Rd.

Tourism on Lake Nipissing
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Fishing on Lake Nipissing
Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, Walleye, Yellow Perch, Rainbow Smelt, White Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Burbot, Muskellunge, Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish, Cisco, White Sucker, Freshwater Drum, Brown Bullhead.

Overview of Trout Lake

Length: 11.27 km
Depth: Over 200’ in places (55’ average)
Shape: Long, narrow lake with deep bays, rocky structures and many islands.

  • North Bay
  • East Ferris (Specifically Corbeil)

Main Outflow: Mattawa River. (Trout Lake is the starting point of the river)
Other Points of Interest: Trout Lake is an extremely deep lake! Because of the depth, it is cooler in temperature than Lake Nipissing, Lake Nosbonsing and Four Mile Lake. The City of North Bay takes its water from Trout Lake because of its depth and geology contributing to the fact that it is one of the cleanest lakes in the Province requiring very little treatment.

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1. Stepping Stones Ln. – MacPherson Dr. – Stoneclough Ln. – Stoneclough Rd. – Oban Ayr Ln. – Durrell Rd. – Bayshore Rd. – Woodcliffe Rd. – Martyn Ln. – One Mile Rd. – Dugas Rd. – Montcalm Ln. – Primrose Ln. – Centennial Crescent
2. Knutson Ct. – Laundon Ln. – Whispering Pines Ln. – Road to the Isles – Island View Ln. – Deer Run Ln. – Forest Ln. – Browns Rd. – Mirimishi Rd.

North Bay
3. Birchcove Rd. – Bayview Rd. – Ross Dr.
4. Shallot Crescent – Guinevere Ct. – Ivanhoe Dr. –
5. Camelot Dr. – Found Ct. – Lakeside Dr. – Coreen Crescent – Trout Lake Rd. – Anita Ave.
6. Silver Lady Ln. – Wild Cherry Ln. – Peninsula Rd. – W Peninsula Rd. – Viceroy Rd. – Garland Dr. – Northshore Rd.
7. Peninsula rd. – Shorewood Rd. – Regal Rd. – Hughes Rd.

Tourism on Trout Lake

Trout Lake is a hot spot for summer activity, it has numerous public accesses with about a half dozen sporting beaches; Olmstead Beach (Armstrong Park) *Lifeguarded* has The North Bay Canoe Club and is found on Lakeside Dr. where there are annual Dragon boat races and more, The Cove *Lifeguarded* also found on Lakeside Dr., Peninsula Rd. *Not Lifeguarded* found on both sides of the road, (Four Mile Bay and the main part of Trout Lake) and “Stepping Stones” *Not Lifeguarded* found in Corbeil at the end of the lake (MacPherson Dr.) beside a beautiful rock structure.

There is a Marina at the Trout lake Outdoor Center off of Trout Lake Rd. as well as a small one for Armed forces personnel just down from it. The public one is next to a very interesting souvenir and gift shop called the Green Store that sells all kinds of trinkets and household items. They are a very popular hotspot on the water for ice cream and fudge.
Along with being the city water source for North Bay, Trout Lake is on a well-known historic North American voyageur (fur-trading) route. Some of the most difficult portages are found on the part of the voyageur route between Trout Lake and the end of the Mattawa River, (e.g., Portage de Mauvaise Musique, located at the Talon Chutes named after explorer and voyageur Jean Talon)

Fishing on Trout Lake

There are 11 species of fish in Trout lake including: Walleye (Pickerel), Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Brook Trout, Cisco, Muskellunge, Smallmouth Bass, White Sucker, Rock Bass and Lake Trout.

Overview of Lake Nosbonsing

Length: 11 km
Depth: 30-40’ at the deepest areas
Shape: Many arms and large bays off two main bodies
Type: Mostly Mesotrophic

  • East Ferris (Astorville, Corbeil)
  • Bonfield
  • Chisholm

Main Inflow: Depot Creek from the South
Main Outflow: Kaibuskong River
Other Points of Interest: The Lake is a direct waterway to the Atlantic Ocean via Kaibuskong, Talon chutes (Breathtaking Cliffs lining a Narrow Channel), Mattawa River, R. Outaouais (Ottawa River) through to the St. Lawrence River. The first spike of the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad) is located at the Bonfield end of Lake Nosbonsing. Known for its excellent fishing specifically Muskie. The residents surrounding the lake, for the most part, lead a very relaxed lifestyle, some even have the luxury of boating to the doctor’s office. (a self proclaimed “Doc. on the Lake”)

Find Lake Nosbonsing Homes

Looking to catch a piece of lakefront Real Estate? Lake Nosbonsing has excellent lakefront value for the price. If you’re having trouble finding specific waterfront listings, try searching one of these roads.
1. Morgan Rd. – Trails End Rd. – Maplecove Ln. – Birch Hill Rd. – Waukegan Rd. – Nosbonsing Park Rd. – Quae Quae Rd. – Lakeside Ln.
2. Trillium Ln. – Northwoods Dr. – Kyle Rd. – Cherry Ln. – Ellas Rd. – Madison Ln. – Rasberry Ln.
3. Big Moose Rd. – Doucette Ln. – Guillemette Rd. – Roy Rd. – Shady Ln.
4. Bay View Rd. – Perennial Ln. – Pargeter Rd. – Booth Rd. – Az Rd. – Blanche Rd – Blanche St. – Perron Crescent. – Sure Strike Rd.
5. South Shore Rd. – Cedar Bay Rd. – Narrows Rd. – Mullins Ln. – Souliere Ln. – Turgeon Ln. – Morris Ln. – MacDonald Ln. – Moon Ln. – Marina Rd.
6. Lakeshore Rd. – South Shore Rd.
7. Sunnyside Rd. – Rockhaven Dr. – Cedar Ln. – Martin Lane – O’Connor Ln. – Lima Lodge Rd. – Mark St. – Church St. – Cahill Ln. – Development Rd. – Landry Rd. North Star Dr.

Tourism on Lake Nosbonsing

Lake Nosbonsing is a scenic lake that is famous for its logging routes, its involvement with the “first spike” of the CPR and for its great Muskie fishing (largest recordings upwards of 50lbs). An abundance of resorts and camps line the lake including the Narrows Kamp and Big Moose Camp, Cozy Camp Birch Hill Camp, Sunny Side Camp and Sure Strike Camp with great accommodations.


Fishing on Lake Nosbonsing

In Lake Nosbonsing you can find Pike, Muskie, Walleye, (Pickerel) Perch, Bass, and even Catfish. Fishing is best beginning at the end of May through the spring. Popular spots include the sunken island, Railway Bay and the Narrows.