Based on a $250,000 home in 2019. 


To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:


To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:


To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:

2,672.60 (latest information in 2018)

To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:


To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:


To calculate for your home’s value, contact Barb Larose or head to:


We are incredibly lucky to have a new family-friendly splashpad located in Centennial Park, Callander. Callandar is just a short 10 minute drive from the Northgate Square Mall and is a quaint community with some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

The Raven & Republic restaurant and bar is a place unique to North Bay and a must-see. It is one of Barb and Hal’s go-to restaurants and they appreciate the variety and culinary expertise that the chef puts into every meal. You can rest assured that whenever you dine out at the Raven, good times and good eats are in store. They also host a weekly Trivia night and the bar is enjoyed by people of all ages. 

North Bay is a shopping hub for the city and our surrounding communities and the North Gate Shopping Centre is our main Shopping Mall. We also have great choices downtown with a variety of small businesses we love to support and watch grow.

Our Hospital, the North Bay Regional Health Center, is a newer addition to the city and  an architectural treat. It features curved halls for noise reduction, wood and stone accents and walls of windows multiple stories high that overlook it’s courtyards.

Surprisingly a pleasant place if you need medical attention.

We are also the proud home of One Kids Place, a major Children’s health centre for Northern Ontario.

Another gem unique to North Bay is the Green Store, a cottager’s dream located on Trout Lake, accessable by car, boat, water plane, dragon boat, kayak – you name it!

The Green Store is the city’s most popular destination for ice cream because of it’s variety of options and unique outdoor atmosphere. They also have a chip stand on-site, a gas bar and boat launch as well as their giant home decor and gift store.

Duchesnay Falls starts as a series of low, picturesque cascades on the river. The river soon breaks into two main channels, each which tumbles over several different waterfalls. The west channel carries well over half of the river’s discharge and has two main waterfalls.








Slide AREA LAKES - LAKE NIPISSING Lake Nipissing is North Bay's largest lake, which has a beautiful
waterfront just a short walking distance from the city's
downtown core. There are many pathways surrounding the area.

The lake is 65 KM in length and 873 sq. km overall. At it's deepest,
the lake is 171 ft. It has over 40 species of fish and it's inflow is
from the Sturgeon River, South River and Rivere Veuve.
Slide AREA LAKES - TROUT LAKE Trout Lake is a hot spot for summer activity, as it has numerous public accesses
with about a half dozen sporting beaches. Beaches include The Lifeguarded
Olmstead Beach, (Armstrong Park) which is home to The North Bay Canoe Club
and is found on Lakeside Dr., where there are annual Dragon boat races and more.

The Cove, also lifeguarded, is found on Lakeside Dr., Peninsula Rd.

Found on both sides of the Peninsula Rd., is Portage Park beach, Separating
Four Mile Bay and the main part of Trout Lake.
Slide AREA LAKES - LAKE NOSBONSING Lake Nosbonsing is famous for its logging routes, and being the home of the first
Canadian Pacific Railway Spike located in Bonfield, at the end of the lake.

The lake is known for its great Muskie fishing, with its largest recordings to date
coming in at a whopping 50lbs.

It boasts many unique resorts and camps and is a direct waterway to the
Atlantic Ocean.
Slide AREA LAKES - FOUR MILE LAKE Four Mile Lake is an Outdoorsmen and Cottager's dream. It is perfect for kayaking, canoeing,
and paddle boarding due to it's small size and manageable waves. The lake contains Pike, Small Mouth
and Rock Bass for fishing, and during the winter season it is a great place to snowshoe. It is private
and tranquil, all while being a short commute from the city, with basic amenities
only a 5 minute drive away at the city's Air Base.

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